Cost of a trip to Vietnam

To find out what a trip to Vietnam costs, look at the total price for:
- Flights to and from Vietnam
- Cost of overnight stays at the hotel or hostel
- Cost of the activities you expect to purchase
- Cost of your daily food budget
- Any pocket money for shopping
In this entry we will provide price examples, so you can easily calculate what a trip to Vietnam costs. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page and see a specific travel budget.
Cost of a trip to Vietnam
Air fares to Vietnam
The first costs associated with your trip to Vietnam are flights. The prices of tickets vary depending on whether it is high season or low season.
Low season is from last part of January and up to June (except week 7 in February). During this period you can buy airfares for promotion prices for a trip to Vietnam with arrival in Hanoi.
However, if you want to travel to Vietnam in high season, which is in June, July and August, and at the end of December and early January, you can expect that the flights to Vietnam will rise a few thousand.

Accommodation in Vietnam
A standard hotel in Vietnam costs about 50 usd/night in a twin room. Vietnam authorities don't allow hotels to rent rooms for tourists if there is no air conditioning and bathroom so a standard hotel will always have this and typically also a fridge and a television. Hotels that have 4-5 stars typically cost from 150 - 200 usd/night.
If you are backpackers and are traveling on a budget you can find hostels in Hanoi and Saigon for around $ 20 per person/night.
Independent travelers can also look for signs that say "Cho Thue Phong" which means "rooms for rent", thus staying at a family room in Vietnam. Here you will typically be offered a room with a mattress (and not quite much else) for around 15-20 $/night
It can be a very positive experience to stay with a family for a day or two because it gives you a unique insight into Vietnamese culture. If you want to be sure of a good standard.

Food, drinks and shopping in Vietnam
If you are traveling in high season, be prepared that it is generally 50% more expensive. That is, prices on activities, food and accommodation will cost more in this period.
However, the price level in Vietnam is generally low and it does not cost much to eat out. You can save a lot of money on the food budget if you eat at the delicious street-food places, found throughout Vietnam. Here you can get a meal from 5$. Of course, you should pay extra attention to hygiene and preferably choose foods that are well cooked - just use your common sense before choosing your meal.
At restaurants you can eat the Vietnamese noodle soup "Pho" for around $3, while a larger local meal is priced at about 5-7$.
Shopping in Vietnam is also something most travelers would recommend, especially the many local markets are worth a visit if you like to wonder about the price and save money. At the same time, it also gives you a fun experience of the Vietnamese trade culture.
Tips and gratuities.
If you experience a good level of service, smile and helpfulness on your trip to Vietnam, it will of course be rewarded. Therefore, it is a good practice to pay gratuities when you are out to eat, participate in activities or the like. A good rule of thumb is that you must give a minimum of 10% in cash. Doing so, you will experience extraordinary good service throughout your trip in Vietnam.

Example of travel budget to Vietnam
To give you an insight into how the prices of a trip to Vietnam would be like, we have designed a guiding budget for a trip for 2 people departing in March and for 2 week's time. The travel budget includes flights, hotels, sightseeing fees and food.

Description Cost
Air fares to and from Vietnam USD
Travel program that includes all of Vietnam's highlights eg Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh and Mekong Delta, Including overnight stay at standard hotel, including all transportation on the destination USD
Daily food and drinks USD
Total USD

* Note: Prices above are indicative and intended for two people traveling together.



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