Hi there Nguyen,

On behalf of Clendon and I, we would like to say thank you for organising our 3 week tour through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for us!

Apologies for the delay in retuning your email. We are still on holiday in Thailand, and the Internet has been hard to connect to at times.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in all 3 countries. It will be a holiday we will remember with great fondness and happiness!

In general, we thought the tour was very well organised. We were always met at the airport or hotel by someone who would explain to us what was happening either that day or the following day. We were very impressed.

The vehicles we travelled in were always comfortable. The drivers were always safe on the roads. Some of them even offered us refresher towels and water (in Siem Reap) after we had been out sight seeing which we thought was very good! Excellent customer service.

The guides were very informative of the sites we were visiting, and some went above and beyond to make our experience both informative and entertaining. They were genuinely interested in showing us around, and wanted to make sure we knew everything there was to know about each of the sites.

We would like to make a special mention about "Mr Tom"- our motorbike tour guide in Hue. He was absolutely fantastic as a guide. He really knows how to engage people and to make learning about places fun and interesting. The motorbike riding was also very fun itself. Please continue to use him on future tours! He is a real asset to the company, and a good contact point in Hue.

The scheduling of the tour we thought was very good. We understood how difficult it would have been to have squeezed in as many sites and places as you did. We liked that there were free days in between tour days so that we could relax or do something of our own. We do have one suggestion that you may consider for future use:

- The last day in Hanoi should be a "free day", and the second day in Hanoi after arriving from Hue should be the tour day.

We found the city tour on the day that we flew to Laos was quite full on. It meant having to walk in the heat, and then make our way to the airport without being able to freshen up. The tour guide suggested we leave our suitcases at the Hanoi A1 Hotel while doing the tour, so that meant the hotel had to store them for us, and we had to make a trip back there to collect them after the tour. Clendon in particular struggled with the heat on this day, so he would have liked to have freshened up before we flew. If the city tour was on the second day in Hanoi, then the last day could be spent resting before flying onwards.

All of the hotels we stayed in were of excellent quality. We found them to be very comfortable and accommodating to our needs. There were some hotels that stood out more than others in terms of quality and customer service. These hotels were the Hai Au Hotel in Hoi An, the Ancient LuangPrabang Hotel in Laos, and the City River Hotel in Cambodia. The staff at these hotels were willing to go above and beyond to make sure we were ok and had everything we needed.

Some of the highlights of our tour (there are many!) included:

- the war museum in Saigon
- Hoi An (for the beach and shopping/tailoring)
- the motorbike tour in Hue
- the boat trip in Ha Long Bay
- the war museum in Hanoi (the old prison)
- watching the monks collect food on the streets of Luang Prabang, the trek and elephant ride, and the town of Luang Prabang itself. Such a lovely place!
- all of the temples in Siem Reap
- the genocide museum and killing fields in Phnom Penh.

Another highlight for us was just simply being able to be in the atmosphere of each place we visited, to embrace the local culture, to try new and interesting foods, and to be able to say we've been to these countries!

Once again we thank you for organising our tour for us, and we will not hesitate to recommend your tour company to others who may ask about traveling through South East Asia.

Keep up the good work! For a relatively young tour company (and for a company in an industry where there are so many other tour companies already) you are doing a great job. We wish you all the best for the future.

With regards,
Rebekah and Clendon.

Rebekah and Clendon - New Zealand (Trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in July 2014).


Dear Pham,

Judd and I had a wonderful trip in Vietnam. All of the hotels were located in great locations for walking, shopping & sightseeing so you did a great job there! The hotel in Hue had an exceptional breakfast buffet and was our favorite!
I would avoid using the Pumpkin Express train if at all possible! It was very old & dirty compared to the 1st train we took, luckily we slept thru it! Having the hotel room right across the street from the train station for that few hours in the morning was also PERFECT!
The guides in Hue (Tom) & HCMC (Phaun) we exceptional!! Our guide is Sapa (Huang) was very nice and helpful and we really had a great time but he seemed a little immature for 28 years old so you may want to request someone a little more mature next time if possible. I am not saying he did a bad job because he tried really hard so I have no complaints there, it just seemed like he talked a lot about himself and how he is going to start his own business and he seemed to like to socialize with all the other guides whenever we went anywhere, etc. Since he was really our first guide, we were happy with him until we had two great guides after him to compare him too! With that said, I would definitely recommend him again, maybe just for your younger clients?
The food and service on the Glory Cruise in Ha Long Bay was also wonderful! (bus ride there was not so great with the Kamikaze drivers)!
The home stay was clean & comfortable & food was great, the only thing that really could have made the whole experience a little bit better was if it felt a little more authentic? I imagined that we would stay with a family with kids and get to know them a little and perhaps walk around the village and really get the "feel of the place" There was a group of 18 other people from Germany staying there with us, so it was not as personal of an experience as I was expecting. Also, there was really no where to walk to? it was right on the river bank and the trail went a few houses to the left & right and that was it!? I realize that one family runs it, but it felt more like a hotel for home stays with all the rooms they had.
Please don't feel like I am complaining because I would not change one thing about the trip, in fact it was one of the best trips we have ever been on (and we travel a lot)! I am only giving you feed back so you can take some things into consideration. I will highly recommend you and your company to family & friends and in a few days I will post positive reviews on the internet when I get caught up here on things at home!
I think the itinerary you sent up for us was the perfect amount of time in each place and the value & service was excellent. The people of Vietnam are warm & friendly and I wish we found that in other countries!

Kind Regards,
Laura & Judd Carson.


Dear Mr Pham

Apologies for the delay in writing this for you, we have had bad floods in Australia - we are currently flooded in at a town called Agnes Water - see photos of yard at the back of our home

Follows some feedback from our trip

Day 1 landed in Saigon

Picked up by Guide – very nice guide and driver – transferred to hotel
Hotel Tan Hai Long 1 Hotel – very nice hotel, only problem was they gave children 1 double bed and 1 single in rooms instead of 3 singles, this is not a big issue but caused problems for us. Breakfast nice and very close to night market and Ben Than Market which is great – very happy with hotel other than beds

Day 2 picked up early and drove to Cu Chi Tunnels – a highlight for the kids – really enjoyed the morning. Tunnels very interesting and older kids were able to fire guns which they enjoyed.

Lunch at Me Kong Delta Rest Stop– excellent – lovely setting and excellent food, best lunch of the trip

Afternoon drove to transfer to boat, were too late for the live market but walking around town was interesting
Transfer to homestay – lovely boat ride up the river

Homestay – nice and comfortable enjoyed this experience very much, pleased to have stayed in the cooler weather, food for dinner and breakfast were excellent. Family were very nice.

After breakfast kids rode bikes but weather was wet. Excellent place to stay and we would highly recommend this.

Day 3 boat to floating markets – not many boats seen at the markets but a nice boat trip. Lunch very pleasant at nice old building – very enjoyable day.

We got off the boat at a very unpleasant place, filled with garbage and smell under a bridge. We waited for a while for the bus. It would have been much better to be let off the boat at a wharf near the bus rather than a site were garbage was dumped. Bus trip back to airport was ok. Driver and guide very nice on this trip.

Flew in evening to Siem Reap. Flight was fine. Picked up at airport by nice guide and driver. Transferred to Steung Siem Reap Hotel. Excellent Hotel – very well appointed and very close to old town and markets. Highly recommended.

Day 4 picked up and drove to the temples – we had looked forward to this trip for many years and were not disappointed at all. Stunning temples and altogether amazing experience. Lunch excellent at Khmer Kitchen. More temples in the afternoon and then the kids were able to ride elephants to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset over. Evening wandered through markets - lovely and had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. Wonderful day

Day 5 drove south to boat trip on lake – trip was ok – lake and river are very dirty – filled with garbage which was not pleasant.

Visit to crocodile farm - very interesting, visit Pol Pot War Shrine – very sad

Visit to War Museum in Siem Reap – again very sad

Transfer to airport – guide and driver very helpful highly recommended

Flight to Hanoi

Met by Mr Huy – lovely man – give him our best regards

Transfer to hotel Tirant Hotel – nicest hotel of the trip, lovely rooms, well appointed, lovely breakfast – very nice staff. Rooms had 3 beds for children in each room as requested – highly recommended

Day 6

Picked up by Mr Trung – lovely man, morning city tour to Ho Chi Minh complex, we were honoured to see Ho Chi Minh. Also museum and One Pillar Pagoda. Visit to “Hanoi Hilton” was very interesting for the children. Lunch with you, Mr Huy and Mr Trung was excellent and it was lovely to meet you. Afternoon visit to the War Museum which was great and Mr Trung was very informative and had many interesting stories.

Evening train to Lao Cai, train was fine, cabins were comfortable and this was a good experience, kids enjoyed the trip very much.

Day 7 picked up by guide Mr Heip, very nice chap, trip up to Cat Cat View Hotel was very nice. Hotel was fine, but very cold. Morning we had breakfast in Sunny Mountain View Hotel – unfortunately no view, breakfast was ok.

After breakfast walked through market and enjoyed this very much, nice to meet Hmong, Red Dao and other minority groups. Excellent morning, lunch in local restaurant then drove and walked to local village, very interesting. Afternoon more market time, dinner at lovely restaurant – Nature Bar and Grill – highly recommended, excellent food, fires under table and lovely helpful people and very cheap.

Day 8 – dreadful day – only really bad part of trip. 3.5 hour drive on terrible roads with very bad driver, too fast, inconsiderate and used his horn constantly – we would not recommend this driver to anyone. Market visit only 30 minutes – in 10-15cm mud, did not see palace of Hmong King’s Residence nor village of Ban Pho which we were expecting. Then lunch at local restaurant – was ok. Then 2 hours more driving which was not an enjoyable experience at all.

Finally we returned to Lao Cai where we walked ourselves to a local market and had dinner – this we enjoyed.

Night train back to Hanoi, trip was fine.

Day 9 arrived at New Moon Hotel, this was a good idea to have a sleep but it may have been better to just start on our trip to Ha Long Bay, perhaps an early breakfast then start the trip would have given us more time on the boat. Unfortunately while stepping back to avoid the porter Bob bumped a plant over placed dangerously at the bottom of stairs and the pot broke. I refused to pay for this but I think Mr Trung may have done so - if he did please let me know the cost and I shall send you the money. I do not believe we should have been asked to pay for this but if we were then I will pay you. The Hotel was small and not very clean, breakfast was poor. We would rather have started on our trip to the Bay I think.

Arrival at Ha Long Bay – for some reason boats now all painted white – I don’t know why – they do not look good. Trip on Ha Long Bay was a highlight of the trip.

Visited caves but did not have the opportunity to do any other activities – not sure why? Kids would have liked to kayak or canoe on the bay.

Day 10

Unfortunately had to leave fairly early the next morning in order to make our afternoon flight to Da Nang. Kids loved Ha Long Bay and want to stay a couple of nights next time. The food was great, the staff on the boat were great and cabins were comfortable although the boat was run down and in need of repair.

Drive back to the airport was fine, said good bye to Mr Trung and driver and flew to Da Nang. Met by driver and transferred to Hai Au hotel in Hoi An, staffed by the friendliest people we have ever encountered. Once again we had double beds for the children but the nice staff organised appropriate beds for us – this was a common problem with every hotel –we had asked for 1 double room and 2 rooms with 3 single beds for us. Not having correct beds caused issues each night as the children did not wish to share beds, this was the only hotel where they were very helpful and resolved this for us.

We had 2 nights in Hoi An which were very enjoyable, this is a lovely town and very friendly. We enjoyed the shops and had some clothes and shoes made.

The afternoon of the second last day we were picked up at the hotel and said goodbye to all the lovely staff. The driver took us to the airport where we booked in and flew to Saigon.

We arrived in Saigon and were picked up by a lovely young lady guide Ms Tuyen and driver. They took us to the well situated Hotel Tan Hai Long 1 Hotel and we booked in. As usual beds were not what we had asked for – we were given one double room and 2 rooms with 2 double beds. We walked to markets and had dinner and did a little shopping.

Final Day (very sad)
Picked up by guide at 9am and set off for our final day in Vietnam, we toured the Unification Palace, Cathedral and Post Office then the very sad War Museum.

We had a delightful lunch before transferring the airport for our flight home.

This was a wonderful holiday

Highlights for us was the HaLong Bay trip and Hoi An

Minor problems was encountered with the hotels not providing the beds that had been asked for

Only one poor day was the trip to Bac Ha, much too far driving – extra 4 hours in a van with a terrible driver. Would not recommend this trip with only one night in Sapa.

Guides were excellent and spoke good English, very kind and considerate

Hotels were all very comfortable

Food was excellent

Mr Phan we thank you again for our trip, it was a wonderful experience, we shall continue to recommend you to our friends who visit Vietnam.

We are planning our next family trip with you in July 2014 if you are happy too book this for us?

Fond regards to you and your family

Please let me know when Mr Trung's wife has the baby.

Dr Philip M. - Australia (Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in January 2013).


Liam and Michael have arrived safely at home from their journey through Vietnam. They have a lot of stories of the journey and certainly had a great time. I admit now that Mandy and I where very worried that they would not have anything bad happen to them but they are both 25 and have to make up their own minds: they wouldn't really listen to us anyway ! :) Michael, in particular, wants to come back to Vietnam as soon as he can. I think he is looking to see if he can find a job teaching English. Liam lives with his girlfriend and I think now, having had this adventure, he will probably settle down a little bit with her. They are looking to buy a house together near the beach next year.

Really though wanted to say thank you to you both for helping them as much as you did, that was far beyond anything that we could have asked of you and we, and Michael and Liam, will always remember the help you gave them. I hope one day soon we will meet again so that we can say thank you in person, hopefully later this year. At the moment we are planning to make a trip in perhaps November with both of our daughters, Amy and Kayla, and their partners Cameron and Jarrod, all 6 of us ! We will see. The economy here is not so good at the moment but hopefully everything works out ok.

Today is a special day, New Years Day. Hopefully the year of the snake will see your business continue to expand and you, and your families, enjoy health and happiness throughout.

Take care of yourselves :)

Thanks again

Bob Usher from Australia



Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I understand that as a company that wants to be successful, you need the feedback of customers to let you know what's good and what's bad. I will give you our review of the trip you planned for us.

Your company devised the itineracy and chose many of the places we went. We insisted on a couple of the places and you did your best to accommodate us. Some of the "problems" we had were our fault so I will be clear where I felt something wasn't good, but the fault lies with us.

First of all I want to say I loved Vietnam. I think it's amazing that this country almost destroyed by war has made such a comeback. Although we didn't deal with everyday people, the service people (stores, hotels and restaurants) were friendly and helpful. I had no expectation when I went to Vietnam (the best way to go), and I was pleased most of the time.

We didn't see much of Hanoi. I have no idea if that is an important place to visit. If you think it is, you should suggest it to prospective customers.

The Halong Bay cruise was good. It would have been nicer if it was a little warmer, but it was January so I can't complain. We were lucky that our shipmates were good people and we all got on quite well. I can imagine it would have been terrible if the other people on the cruise were boring, uninteresting people. But the whole thing is a chance, and we were lucky. The guide himself was good and friendly and helpful.

Next came Sapa. We chose Sapa and it was a huge mistake on our part. It was too cold, but, this was our fault. If a customer says they want to go to Sapa, what can you say? I don't think you can say "no". The guide was friendly and pleasant. I'd love to visit Sapa when the weather is better, but it should be avoided in January. I guess you can try to talk people out of it, but I don't know if that's really a good idea. Your company is in a "no-win" situation. The customer goes to Sapa and might blame you (wrongly) that it was an unpleasant experience. You advise the customer to skip Sapa and they might resent you for not taking them there. It is a problem for you.

We loved Hue. It's a beautiful city with lots to see. The Hotel (Asia) was the best hotel of the tour. There was lots to see and a lot of choices (good ones) of where to eat. I would live in Hue it was so beautiful.

We loved Hoi An. I know there were no tours planned while we were there, but we went to My Son (very interesting), and kept busy and ate well. The hotel (Hai Au) was fine and had the friendliest staff. We were made to feel at home, and they were quite helpful. It was relaxing and a real pleasure to spend a few days there.

From there we went to Hoi Chi Minh City. First off I want to say that the hotel there was disgusting (Sports hotel). I know I could have called you and said that, but I was afraid (my fault) that you would tell me that for the price I was paying for the tour, that was the best I could get. I didn't want to get angry at anyone. It was my fault to not complain at the time, but I'm telling you now to not send people there. As for the City, it was interesting. The visit to the Cu Chi tunnels was fascinating and the visit to the "War Crimes" museum was depressing. It's very difficult for a North American like myself to know that the Americans did such horrible things. I expect the Germans to do them, I expect the Japanese to do them, but the Americans? I suggest you recommend this museum to everyone. The Mekong Delta tour was fine. It wasn't great and it wasn't bad. Maybe there is something more interesting to see in Ho Chi Minh City but I don't know.

Overall, I have no complaints. Your staff checked on us and made our transfers to the trains or planes very easy. You were quite attentive and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone visiting Vietnam.

I hope this brief review is of some help. And I want to thank you for helping us to have a wonderful time in Vietnam.

Martin King from Canada



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