Local dishes in Vietnam visitors must try

How is the food in Vietnam?
Vietnamese cuisine is known throughout the world and after you have tasted the "Pho" national dish you will understand why. The Vietnamese are masters in using and combining fresh ingredients in the food. Therefore, you are guaranteed a lot of good food experiences in Vietnam. The food in Vietnam is definitely worth traveling there for.
Local dishes in Vietnam
Local dishes in Vietnam
There is a lot of aesthetics associated with the food in Vietnam. The Vietnamese make much of the food look great. This applies to both the color combination of the raw materials and their form. It is not abnormal that the Vietnamese do a little extra with the food to entertain the children. For example, cutting tomatoes like roses, pineapples in different patterns, and a cucumber like a crocodile...

A walk on the streets of Vietnam will quickly introduce you to a whole new world of food. Here it is not unusual to eat honey or deep fried insects. But do not worry, the Vietnamese cuisine also offers plenty of dishes with chicken, fish, beef, pork and duck that suits our eating habits.

The national dish "Pho" is a must-eat in Vietnam. The dish is in fact noodle soup served with either chicken or beef strips and freshly chopped, Vietnamese basil. The food in Vietnam often consists of few simple ingredients that complement each other and taste heavenly together. Many dishes include noodles because Vietnamese eat noodles in all 3 main meals in the day.

Classic ingredients in the dishes are also fish sauce or soya, coconut milk, limes, lemongrass and coriander. You can find very deep-fried food in Vietnam, which also is a hit for both children and adults. In addition, try the Vietnamese spring rolls (Nem or Goi Cuon), nowhere better than in Vietnam. They are made of opaque rice paper wrapped around pieces of papaya, crispy tiger prawns and freshly chopped coriander sprinkled over.

Fast food is also popular for Vietnamese. For example, grab the sandwich Banh Mi on a street restaurant when you're on the way to work, tt is a baguette filled with vegetables and meat of your choice, eg pork, eggs or pate.
For dessert you can try Che, which is sticky rice and beans in coconut milk.

If you are eating with a local Vietnamese family, you will typically have your own bowl of rice while the rest of the food is put in the middle of the table and shared. In a typical Vietnamese meal, meat will come along with vegetables and rice.

Street kitchens in Vietnam
Everywhere in Vietnam, it is overflowing with street kitchens. If you want an authentic taste of Vietnam, visit one of them on your trip. Most of the food served at the street kitchens has been heated at high temperatures or fried. Therefore, the likelihood of getting sick is relatively small. And because the culture around street food is so prevalent in Vietnam, the materials are always be fresh. But use your common sense when selecting street food and cooking. Then you can safely explore them.

The vast majority of street kitchens serve "Pho". The Vietnamese eat this dish for breakfast, and it is quite popular at the street kitchens. Other soups are also often served from the street kitchen, such as the canh chua "sour / sweet soup", while the rest of the food is typically served on a leaf such as Xoi (sticky rice)

Around the street kitchens you will find that all types of people sit and eat their food in the middle of the street. From businessmen, to the craftsmae to the whole family with the children. The sensible, soothing sound will quickly make you want to do the same thing - and it will make the local send you a friendly smile. Maybe also a light headstart when they see your untrained technique balancing the food in hand, but you'll probably get it.

As you have tried the food in Vietnam you will feel like to eat again when you go home, maybe a Vietnamese restaurant or buy the materials and cook yourself, but it will never be the same as in Vietnam.
"Chuc ngon mieng" or Enjoy your meal, as we say in English.



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