Scuba diving in Nha Trang


Had to get up early today for the diving in Nha Trang. The bus left for the harbour at 0730, and we had a quick breakfast in the 45min boat ride to the dive site.

Arild went with a instructor on his first dive and I got a divemaster all to myself. Which is good, then I would have plenty of time to make pictures if I would like. The first dive was good, the visibility was better than I thought. Yes it's not 20+, but it was good enough to see things. And I saw a lot, I even had a friendly visit with my beloved nudiebranches again;) counted a lot of them;) my buoyancy was a bit off, don't know if it was me or the fact that it was kind of a funny current in the water. I didn't feel too good either, felt like I was about the puke underwater, and when I got up I was dizzy. But I still went through with the second dive. The best part, Arild liked it!!!!!!!!! His comment was that it was much better than he thought it would be and he was looking forward to his second dive

He wants to me to write that he has now overcome his fear of fishes, especially those who comes up to you and tries to steal your regulator.

The second dive we started together and I got some pics of us together;) after a while we lost them but continued on our own. We had some swim though and we saw the rare frog fish. That was a funny creature, it doesn't swim very well and looks funny. The picture doesn't show the fish very good, but it was easy to look at underwater. I didn't feel that the buoyancy was any better this dive, I didn't feel better either. But I liked the dive and so did Arild. I can now see the chances of him doing his Open Water certificate;) that would be so good, then it will be our second hobby in common;)

After the diving we were both exhausted and ended up sleeping from about 14-16.30. We got up after a fight with the bed. Neither of us wanted to get up, we just wanted to sleep. But an early night was waiting for us so it didn't give us much of a choice. We went to a restaurant, one that seemed to be full with locals. The food was good. I had garlic prawns that I had to peel myself, which to 30 min or more and by the time I started eating Arild had eaten his steak a long time ago.

After dinner we went to this awesome Spa place. We bought "tickets" at our hotel and we thought we were only up for a massage. Oh no... First I had to strip, I got disposable panties, gown and some shorts. Then they put us in a barrel filled with hot herbal water before putting us into a bubblebath tub. Next was a steam sauna and a normal sauna. It was way too hot for me, and since I still didnt feel too good, I didn't stay there long. Next was bodywash. I had a guy scrub and wash my body before getting into a big cold bubble pool. We stayed here too long in our eyes, before they guided us into a relax area. We thought we were finished, but no... Now it was time for the 1 hour massage that we booked for in the first place. The massage was really good. I had a tiny Vietnamese girl walking on my back and as well normal massage. It wasn't too hard, it was just right. I think this is one of the best massages I have ever had. Even the hot stone massage I got from her was good. The last one I had in Hue wasn't any good so I was sceptical. But it all was very good. Arild really enjoyed his as well, but I'm not sure what he enjoyed the most, the flirty attentive girl who gave him a massage or the massage itself. Yes, I got s bit jealous ;p *laughing* I think it was more the massage and me getting jealous part he liked the most ;p.

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